Conveyor Systems

BNL have over 40 years experience in providing high quality, corrosion resistant bearings for conveyor systems.

Roof Ventilation

Low-torque, corrosion resistant plastic bearings operate efficiently in different weather conditions for wind-driven roof turbines.

Automotive Controls

BNL lightweight plastic bearings are ideal for automotive controls, as they are lightweight and lubrication free.

Food Processing

BNL plastic bearings operate efficiently even after frequent wash downs, without the risk of leaching lubricant into the processing path.

Pool Cleaners

Our bearings are used in leading pool cleaner brands across the globe for their superior quality and performance when operating in chlorinated water.

Automotive Steering

Our low-torque, lightweight bearings assist manufacturers in achieving important  fuel efficiency targets.

Photocopiers and Printers

We supply non-lubricated, plastic bearings to photocopier OEMs world-wide, for lighter, compact machines.

Solar Arrays

Our bearings are low maintenance and can withstand varied weather conditions, so are ideal for solar applications.

CCTV PTZ Systems

Plastic bearings are now used in many CCTV cameras that need to be lightweight and easy to install and maintain.


Robotics applications require small, lightweight bearings with smooth movement and to operate in various manufacturing requirements. BNL plastic bearings are ideal for these requirements.

Household Appliances

Plastic bearings are ideal for house hold appliances requiring lightweight bearings that are resistant to cleaning chemicals and detergents.

Shower Cubicles

BNL’s corrosion resistant bearings have been used in global shower brands for decades for their reliability and smooth operation.

Mail Applications

BNL provide various sizes of bearings to mail machinery from large, industrial sorting machinery to desktop franking machines.


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